It has been a very long time since I dedicated any amount of time to my art. And I am deciding to fix that. hopefully by keeping this blog, I can get on my way to boosting my art drive.
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Before & After

As usual I’ve included the main settings I altered to get where I got, but the first thing I did was clean up some sensor dirt with the Spot Removal (Q) tool. Apparently my sensor is filthy.

I also cropped to 16:9 just because I thought it looked more dynamic. The Clarity is set to 100% and that rarely looks good but I think it works on this one.

Taken with the 5DmkII + 17-40 f4L

[F11 | 1/200th | ISO100]

Photos by Iain A

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And here is another weekly Quick Art Tip Tutorial. This time for proportions. If you’re really a beginner in this, it will be only with daily practice that you’ll see results in the future.

We are no art gurus, but we are happy to share with you our techniques, hoping it will help you in your arts!

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